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Human Resource(HR) challenges are different for each small business

Let us tell you about how we worked with other companies.  Harvis uses proven methods to improve workplace communication, HR structure and processes by updating workplace protocol.   Listed below are some of the typical ways we meet our objectives for clients.   

Other confidential services are also available:
  CONSULTING  &  Full or part time HR Outsourcing or Insourcing


                    EMPLOYEE MANUAL  SERVICE             




                    JOB DESCRIPTION SERVICE 



                    OUTPLACEMENT SERVICES

Harvis carefully quantifies all time spent servicing each account.  Whether our time is spent on-site or off-site and whether it's billed or non-billed, our clients are always abreast of time spent servicing their business needs.  Our detailed time sheets record minute by minute project task details and time totals.  These time sheets are provided to client with each invoice or more often if desired.

CONSULTING & Full or Part Time HR Outsourcing or Insourcing
In short, we avail ourselves to our clients HR needs in the way that best meets their objectives.  Whether we're perceived by employees as a consultant, Temporary HR Contractor or part time HR assistant, we always provide the same high level of expertise.

Harvis provides a wide spectrum of comprehensive HR support as we become that  1/2 person  or 1/4 person a business wants when it is not practical to hire someone full time.  Through a basic service agreement, we provide service to your business on a  project basis or "X" hours of service per week, month or quarter.  We proactively plan to address HR issues while we handle a variety of workplace situations that inevitably arise during that time.  We are prudent with managing your human resource and business affairs.

Clients keep their benefits, payroll providers and other ancillary services in place while we compliment those efforts.  If needed, we're willing to collaborate with our new clients' owners, managers, accountants and attorneys to understand their businesses before starting services.  We interact with owners, employees and managers to guide them in implementing and adopting new or updated  policies and procedures to accomplish the following results:  

  1. Improve documentation efforts and workplace communication using technology
  2. Clarify and enforce company expectations and policies
  3. Adjust workplace culture as a whole or modify individuals' behavior
  4. Improve employee involvement and drive accountability for personal actions
  5. Improve rapport between employees and management
  6. Lower incidents of employee discipline and willful misconduct
  7. Reward the best employees and use their success to drive production
  8. Obtain better hiring results and lower incidents of making "bad hires"
  9. Lower company expenses for insurance, taxes and overtime without resistance
  10. Understand legislative mandates and implement tools to address them quickly 

We're available to help clients handle specific issues or general employment concerns.  Whether we help over the phone, via email or in person, our experience in HR is scalable so we can be ready to help as often as requested.

Call to discuss the scope of our consulting services.

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So, you want to go green?

Improve your Employee's efficiency by introducing electronic employment forms.  It's really simple !   We set up a suite of interactive electronic form documents that work just like your normal printable forms.  This allows your employees to either fill in and send forms electronically- or print blank forms to complete with "pen and paper".

Customers have choices on form design.  If preferred, we'll convert your existing forms into interactive format or design new forms from the ground up.  Current forms are first converted into an Adobe document then they're coded with form fields like drop down lists, check boxes and fill-in spaces to name a few.  The fields are formatted to accept information typed in and the form is topped off with special interactive buttons to allow users to print the completed form or send the completed form by email to the end user.  Now, employees can access a library of interactive forms then send them on their way with no bottlenecks.  Let us create dynamic employment forms with intense functionality and graphics.  No more two dimensional "unresponsive" forms. 

Now that you're green, the employee users open the form using Adobe Reader (FREE on the Internet) then fill in the pertinent information.  After the form is emailed to the recipient they can save it to a secure location on their PC for processing --- or print it if needed for the paper file! 

There is nothing groundbreaking to learn and interactive documents are easy to update, fast to use, and affordable- and all without needing to buy new software or hardware.  Uses include:
                        - Completing time sheets - Requesting time off for vacation - 
             - Disciplinary notices - Employment applications - Product order forms - 
                         - processing new employee paperwork -   . . . and more

There are millions of examples of interactive forms already being used by companies across the Internet.  You have probably used them already yourself !  Click the form sample below for an idea of the most basic form  functionality available.  Other more complex data flows and .xml file dumps are also available- the possibilities are endless.   

                                                     2011 W4 federal form
So, gather your benefit applications, new hire forms, sales forms and let us help you go green !   
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Whether your employee handbook was never finished, needs a cursory review or a total compliance overhaul, Harvis will help. Our goal is to address your workplace policies and prepare a solid manual to convey the necessary workplace expectations without language being too vague or offensive to loyal employees. Employers should update policy manuals at least every other year or more often on a semi-annual basis when resources permit. Regularly scheduled updates should address workplace changes, external employment trends and required legislative requirements.

Manual services range from reviews through complete design and implementation.

BASIC REVIEW: Intended for the do-it-yourself client, this service provides pointers on the content needed for a client to best write their own handbook.  Harvis will read through the client’s current materials then recommend improvements for missing or gray areas.  In this basic review, Harvis collaborates at every stage of the update process until the client's manual is ready to be published for employees.  Harvis will approve the final draft version then sign off before your work is published electronically or in hard copy.
INTERMEDIATE: These manuals are customized and written by Harvis "from the ground up".  If preferred, Harvis will keep your existing handbook and update sections as necessary.  Harvis adds necessary legal jargon and reviews each section of your handbook before customizing the remaining policies and procedures or your company.  Next, a preliminary draft is sent to the client for review and approval.  As finer adjustments are made and the manual approaches completion, final drafts will be approved and/or adjusted. The finished manual will include a Manual Acknowledgment form for each employee to sign.

COMPLETE: This is our most comprehensive manual service.  This builds on the intermediate service and provides administrative forms to support your manual. Also included is a one time update following the initial release; typically after six months and up to one year.  These comprehensive policies and procedures are accompanied by the administrative forms needed to properly administer FMLA, COBRA, Limited Duty, and other facets of the manual.

For manuals written by Harvis, all drafts and final versions are delivered to the client by electronic means in either Adobe, MS Word 2003 or 2007 format. This green approach saves money by encouraging clients to publish their manuals on their server or link them to the company's employee WEB portal. If preferred, a client may always forward the electronic file to a print shop or make their own hard copies. 

We look forward to helping with your employee manual project !

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Hourly and flat rate hiring services are available and apply to any size employer or any industry.  We have helped clients to identify and hire the best candidates for various positions including:

- Laborers -  Commercial Drivers (CDL) - Marcellus Shale Equipment Operators -
 -  Front Desk - Industrial -  Technicians - Doctors - Nurses - Java Developers -
        - Customer Service - Office/Clerical - Managers - Accounts Payable/ Receivable -
- Collections - Field Service -  Telecommunications -  System Administrators . . . and more

We add a level of structure and accountability when we interview your job candidates. As your applicants apply, their applications and resumes are directed to our office where we conduct screening and subsequent employment interviews.  Our interview questions are specially structured and based on pre-established hiring criterion established beforehand with our Client. The best of the qualified candidates are ranked and presented to the Client based on interview responses and on the job experience.  We provide a written summary for each qualified candidate to substantiate our hiring recommendations.

We remove the time obligations and anxiety of interviewing candidates by performing  thorough interviews from first contact through placement.  Our service saves clients time by helping identify only the best candidates for consideration and our Client always makes the final decision on which candidates they want to hire.  All resumes are forwarded to the client for their own future use. 

Any number of applicants can be hired from the same interview pool for the same cost as hiring just ONE candidate.  Our service is a fee for service approach. 

Companies cited these reasons for using our interview services: 

  • We just needed help interviewing.
  • We only hire a few people a year, we wanted to do it right.
  • We needed to conduct more efficient interviews.
  • Staffing agencies promise to send good help.  We can do it better ourselves.
  • Wanted someone unbiased to sit in to help with important interviews.
  • I hate interviewing and the sales manager is too busy to interview.
  • The last manager made too many bad hires - needs help.
  • We have a very high turnover for new employees.
  • Too much time is wasted talking to candidates who don’t accept our job offers.
  • When we interview, nothing else gets done including the AP and AR.
  • The owner is criticized behind her back for who she hires.
  • I'm not sure what to ask to get people to tell me the truth in interviews.
  • The owner just wants someone with more experience conducting our interviews.

If desired, Harvis will also prepare and deliver offer letters to outline the new employee's conditional terms of hire. For those applicants not selected, Harvis will formally thank them with a letter for their time and in doing so, preserve the client's goodwill while closing the loop on the process.

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Our contingency recruiting service is a comprehensive way for Clients to fil their positions. The service begins on Harvis’ receipt of a non-refundable twenty five percent (25%) down payment fee based on the total anticipated placement fee.  Our placement fee is based on the placed employees first year fiscal wages including commissions and bonuses. Once the employee is placed, they become an employee of the Client unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Contingency recruiting means your recruiting expenses are capped with the deposit until we find the right candidate for your business.  The balance of the placement fee is due only after the placement is made and the candidate remains employed.  Harvis will NOT sit on a client’s down payment fee hoping for candidates to simply "drop in".

We use these funds in a variety of ways in an effort to fill your positions. When more than one hire is made from the same contract, each subsequent placement fee is reduced using a fee downgrading scale. All placements are guaranteed for 90 days and include prorated refund provisions. Harvis also uses traditional candidate mining techniques, web searches, social media and electronic crawlers that have proven very successful in finding some of the most skilled and recognized candidates in their fields. In most cases, the best placements have resulted from passive job seekers learning about our clients and their openings through networking and other professional channels available to us.

Some clients have also provided Harvis with a list of “target candidates” who they know to be strongly desired within their business circles. This approach is appropriate when a client would be hard pressed to make the call themselves to a target candidate without knowing whether they will accept.  Harvis adds a level of anonymity and takes confidential steps to learn whether target candidates are considering other opportunities.  Due to the delicate nature of this type of sourcing, we only reveal your business identity after we’re cleared to do so.

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We believe there is truth in the saying, “perception is reality”. The perception audit allows employees to confidentially speak without reprisal about issues where they work. Employees meet one on one with Harvis to confidentially identify employees perceptions in areas on the employer’s strengths, weaknesses, desires, training, compensation, benefits, management, ethics, stumbling blocks, culture, attitudes, values, team and many other workplace attributes. The findings are put into a report for the management to understand what employees feel and use it in a way to further organizational change. 

When employees are asked to comment on certain open ended issues, the combined voice of the company creates a summary of the organization's health from an employment perspective. 

What does a business learn from the HR perception Audit:

  • Why departments are adversarial
  • What policies need to be changed/ updated/ eliminated/ enforced/ added/ etc.
  • The workplace truths or rumors discuss every day in private by employees
  • What employees think the "business" thinks of them and their efforts
  • The reasons other employees have already left the business
  • Why employees choose to work for the business
  • Why training is not going as planned
  • What employees would change - if they could
  • Why nobody respects certain managers
  • Why new systems don’t seem to work
  • Feelings about compensation and what is more important than money
  • Who is blamed for failure and praised for success
  • Which rules are never enforced and who gets away with murder

Employers have asked questions about how Harvis conducts the audit and the reliability of the findings.  The law of large numbers certainly doesn’t apply to our research, but it is fair to say every employer is surprised by the perceptions identified by their employees. We go into each interview knowing:

  • Not every employee cares about the company
  • Not every employee will tell us the truth
  • Not every employee is unbiased
  • Some employees have been disappointed in the past
  • Some employees clam up and don’t trust the interviewer
  • Other employees open the floodgates and tell all
  • It’s not always what IS SAID, but what IS NOT SAID.  (Elephant in the room)
  • One person's casual comment may tie together an unforeseen tapestry
  • Most employees really do want the best for their co-workers
  • Owners and management will always be blamed for something
  • Employees will protect some managers, and burn others at the stake
  • Employees are glad to air their concerns
  • Employees are thankful the company is trying to solve their issues.

Conducting the employment perception audit is the groundwork for beginning organizational change and to authenticate management's assumptions about their workplaces.  The audit is guaranteed to be eye opening.

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Job descriptions are core HR tools that are often overlooked by small employers.  Harvis will update your current job descriptions or design new descriptions from the bottom up. Each company’s organizational structure should dictate the basis for designing job descriptions. We will recommend the best formats to use within your organizations structure to best compliment your employees, work styles and worksite culture.

Not convinced about job descriptions? Assume a reason for avoiding formal job descriptions is due to some belief that having them will “cause problems”. Without focusing on these problems, ask how employees of this business accomplish their work goals today. Most likely, employees and managers regularly communicate specific routines and practice them on a daily basis. Also, employees will uphold their personal responsibility by demonstrating their ability to perform the expected work each day.  It seems even without written job descriptions, new employees and co¬workers share the details on how important work gets done each day just as it was expected to be done.

A basic knowledge of each employee’s own workplace responsibility is the first step in formalizing job descriptions. Unfortunately, many employers end the process here, but Harvis can continue to formalize what is already accepted and add other safeguards.
When Harvis updates or prepares new job descriptions, we add special features to ensure compliance and eliminate “problems” before they arise. We also prepare the documents so future adjustments are easy to make by us or by you.

Your business will be able to use revised job descriptions in many new ways: 

  • Define the technical responsibilities, licensure, training and education required to perform the essential or non-essential duties.
  • Create realistic limited duty job descriptions for workers’ compensation cases and protect all parties from lawsuits. 
  • Help management consider other useful ways to allocate their employees
  • Identify duties performed by individuals and consider cross-training others.
  • Consider job trading for employees with similar skill sets.
  • Monitor the evolution of jobs as industry and workplace requirements change
  • Plan for future hiring needs
  • Evaluate excessive overlapping of skills or responsibility
  • Identify inefficient managers, departments or employees. 

We look forward to helping improve your business' job descriptions and by doing so improve your overall productivity.

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The HR Mentoring program is customized as needed.  One training approach addresses the entire employee base by providing proactive lessons on violence in the workplace, harassment and safety practices to mention a few.  These training programs are sought to document workplace training and obtain employee acknowledgment for insurance and liability purposes.  Training should be held on a proactive basis to keep all employees in the loop on acceptable and required behavior.  Employees sign off to prove their acceptance and attendance at these programs.

Another training approach is focused on one or more employees who are expected to take on increased HR responsibility at the workplace while having limited on the job HR experience.  Generally, this training is delivered through an interactive consultative approach consisting of twenty four hours of HR mentoring held over eight or sixteen weeks.  Each class is up to three students who need exposure to components of Human Resource best practice. 

The lesson plan is built based on the employee's experience coming in to HR and is assembled from various HR modules designed by Harvis. Classes are typically held at the client’s location and include open discussions and consultation that can be immediately implemented at their worksite.  Mentoring HR trainees is a great way for employers to demonstrate the company’s investment in providing HR employees with effective human resource tools and administrative training.

This program provides managers with limited HR experience to gain HR exposure from a professional perspective.  A standard curriculum designed by Harvis includes many of the compliance issues, experiences and abilities of a 3 - 6 year HR generalist.  Examples of the modules available are federal and state compliance, designing forms and policies, designing and updating employee manual, job descriptions, performance reviews, interviewing applicants, terminating employees, conflict resolution, harassment training, handling unemployment compensation, managing workers compensation claims, benefit selection and administration, payroll integration, HR Information Systems (HRIS), determining employee value and more.

During the course, students are required to complete assignments, conduct independent research, perform various HR responsibilities and pass two exams.  All papers, research and tests are shared with the Client for their records.

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After a business displays their updated Employment Law Postings, it’s time to understand how these and other mandated compliance laws are managed to protect the employer and employees. Different employment compliance laws apply based on business location, the number of employees and industry. Employers are often on the fence in deciding whether their current practices comply with the scrutiny of COBRA, FMLA, FLSA and other regulations. Compliance answers are close at hand through Harvis.

Today, with so many ever-changing requirements, a business could unknowingly operate for years without implementing compliance safeguards or understand rules that apply to them. It is forever the responsibility of the employer to be up to date with all compliance mandates.  One disgruntled employee’s phone call to a regulatory agency whether or not a violation truly exists means at a minimum the employer will need to comply with a phone or on-site investigation and burn their time and money to demonstrate their compliance-or lack thereof.

Harvis provides compliance service including a customized approach for protecting the business and employees. Most commonly, we are asked to:

1. Perform an employment compliance audit and assess the worksite's compliance standing while addressing areas where attention is needed.  Harvis will either make recommendations or implement solutions to address: 

    COBRA Comprehensive Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985

    ARRA -American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, as amended

    HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

    EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    FMLA Family Medical Leave Act of 1993

    FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act

    OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act (aka OSHA) 

    WARN Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

    ADAAA Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act

    Workers’ Compensation    .....      and others

2. Provide businesses with the forms and administrative processes to coordinate employment compliance mandates on their own.

3. Harvis will work as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to manage worksite compliance including employee notices on a fee for service basis.

Due to the scope of employment compliance, it is impractical to begin a full discussion of the areas Harvis will potentially be involved. One aspect of employment compliance which businesses fail to consider is the fact each employer has certain rights they can impose to protect the business through proper administration of employment compliance mandates. We help companies learn how these compliance laws can work in favor of your business and prevent unnecessary outlays of time and money.

An employer may not be able to avoid being investigated, but they can protect their name and resources through compliance and proactive management. If a business has good reason to believe they may soon be contacted due to non-compliance issues, it may be a good idea to contact a labor law attorney through your state’s Bar Association. 

Avoid the risks associated with flying under the radar for another year and address your compliance concerns with Harvis.

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Often companies must deliver decisions involving layoffs because of downsizing efforts or other termination decisions.  Employees receiving this news are filled with anxiety and emotions like fear, anger, revenge and sometimes even relief.  In special cases, a business can benefit by having a team of non-affilitated professionals from outside the company deliver the employment change message in a dignified and straight forward way.  Using a service to convey this type of information removes the employer from the role of catalyst and provides employees an opportunity to separate employment neutrally and having received important information they need.

When an employment catalyst such as a specific manager are removed, the possibility of violence, inappropriate behavior or threatening statements are minimized greatly. Harvis represents this "NEUTRAL" party and provides the space between employees and the management who are regularly perceived to be the reason for their loss of employment.

Some of the benefits for this service include:

  • Minimize potential for hostile behavior and unnecessary debate upon separation
  • Remove the catalyst and in doing so limit escalation of emotional state
  • Provide a neutral venue to inform separating employees of the company’s decision as well as communicate helpful transition programs
  • Prevent the opportunity for an employees to negotiate their way back into the company
  • Ensure compliance by delivering final paycheck, benefits and severance packages.

When its time to deliver the message, the separated employee is often in possession of property belonging to the employer. This property may include vehicles, laptop computers, keys, cell phones, pass cards, tools, contracts and more. Property recovery is another component of this service intended to close the loop when separations are needed and employees are located away from the premises.

Layoffs and downsizing efforts are unfortunate steps needed for some businesses to stay afloat. Whether or not anyone could foresee an impending layoff, separated employees must begin efforts to secure gainful employment as soon as possible to keep their momentum going. For many people, this will be a difficult and frustrating process because they’re poorly prepared to begin a job search and deal with their new life changes. Anger, family violence and depression are also some pitfalls to preventing a person from getting back on the path to constructive living after separation.

Harvis offers resources for separated employees in areas of practice interviews, grief counseling, job search training and resume writing assistance.  These services help employees succeed in their next chapter of life by preparing them as best as possible.  Harvis confidentially prepares for possible outcomes while providing the environment and support to deliver the services. All parties involved are given the opportunity to maintain composure and respect throughout each phase of the service.

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