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Focus is on skill building for leaders or potential leaders in an organization within the following areas:  Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Building Effective Working Relationships, Enhance Performance Skills, Create Collaborative Team Relationships, Mediate & Resolve Conflict, Understanding Human Behavior in the Workplace and more.  This is a short term individualized process that includes: identify specific goals, develop an action plan, measure outcomes & follow up.  Coaching sessions are usually 1-2 hours each, scheduled according to the preferences of the client.  Coaching is provided face to face, via phone or online.  

Is a service that focus’ on the overall health of an organization’s culture.  Consultation services begins onsite with interviews with the key leaders to analyze any or all of the following areas:  structure, mission, vision, values, operational process, policy & procedures, channels of communication, leadership alignment, leadership relationships, strategic planning & implementation, performance development at all levels & overall working relationships in the organization.  This analysis identifies barriers that impede productivity & growth for an organization in such a competitive global market.  The results of the analysis enable leaders to develop a corrective action plan that includes: 

Creating a Leadership Team
Developing Strategic Planning
Align Structure to Mission, Vision & Values
Improve Organizational Communication
Fit Employees to Positions
Improve Operational Processes
Build Stronger Leadership Relationships
Strengthen Performance Development
Create, Maintain & Sustain a Productive, Competitive & Healthy Organizational Climate

To get your organization on track :
Call Beth Ann Delaney @ 570-328-0837 or email at :  bdelaney@epix.net

Bio of Beth Ann Delaney, LCSW

Misercordia University          1979      Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Marywood University            1983      Master’s Degree in Social Work
University of Scranton          1997      Certificate, Human Resource Management

Family Service Association of Wyoming Valley    April 1984-May 1998 - EAP Coordinator
Caron Foundation         May1998 – June2000 - Corporate Services Regional Director   
Corporate Counseling Services January 2000 to 2007 (self-employed)
Corporate Counselor & Trainer Signet Health Solutions June 2002 – 2008 
         Corporate Consultant & Trainer
         Corporate Culture Assessment & Transformation 
         Leadership Development & Training
         Executive & Management Coaching
         Wellness Development & Training
Pennsylvania State University May 2008–Present - Management Development Instructor
Corporate Consulting Services January 2008-Present - Corporate Consultation Services

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